Handling permissions using Django’s admin interface

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Django admin actions are available in Django 1.1 or later.

Apply permissions using Django’s admin actions

This feature is limited to superusers and users with either the “Can change permission” (change_permission) or the “Can change foreign permission” (change_foreign_permission) permission.


Disable the admin action site-wide

To disable the action site-wide, place this line somewhere in your code. One of your app admin.py files might be a good place:


Further informations are available in Django’s documentation: Disabling a site-wide action.

Disable the admin action per ModelAdmin instance

In case you want to disable the permission action per ModelAdmin, delete this action within the get_actions method. Here is an example:

class EntryAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):

    def get_actions(self, request):
        actions = super(EntryAdmin, self).get_actions(request)
        del actions['edit_permissions']
        return actions

Further informations are available in Django’s documentation: Conditionally enabling or disabling actions.